Revolutionary Care Values
Shifting gears and attitudes to bring about transformational change to achieve sustainable results and success.

What We Do


We empower physicians to improve their practice by using accepted business principles and technology tools.

We transform your practice into a patient-centered medical home. We help you find "you" again. We help your staff become positive. We revolutionize.

Medical Home Facilitation


Changes must be made in the way healthcare is thought about. The current system is flawed and unsustainable.

The answer is medical home facilitation. You will be empowered to enjoy greater financial and clinical outcomes, patient/personal satisfaction.

Why We Are Experts


We have set ourselves apart from the rest. We have direct experience.

We own Family Tree Medical Associates, a comprehensive family practice in Hastings, Michigan. We have the true experience in facilitating medical practice transformations.

In order for healthcare to flourish in the 21st Century, changes must be made in the way healthcare is thought about by providers, patients and society at large, as well as in the way it is delivered.

Overall success and interest in implementing new programs and/or technology within the medical community is limited. Initiatives are often meet with skepticism or outright hostility. Our goal is to take the lessons we learned and share that message with other providers, thereby empowering them to enjoy greater financial, patient and personal satisfaction as well as improved clinical outcomes. Isn't it time that you become a part of revolutionary care?